Rules for Bibliobattle

Bibliobattle is a social book review game!
It's very simple.

[Bibliobattle Official Rules]
  1. Come together with a favorite or an interesting book. 
  2. Introduce your favorite book for 5 minutes, one by one. 
  3. After each presentation, talk about the book for 2–3 minutes with all participants. 
  4. After all presentations, select the "Champion Book" by the votes of all participants, both audience and presenters.
    The criterion is, “a book, which you want to read the most.” The book with the most votes is called the "Champion Book."


Minor regulations

  a. Although books others recommended  may be used, a presenter certainly has to  choose the book for presentation beforehand.
  b. The promoter can set a theme for selecting books.
 a.  A presentation is performed using a countdown timer* and a presenter has to finish the presentation in 5 minutes .
 b.  As a rule, it is not recommended to use handouts or presentation data, slides, etc.
 c.  A presenter must use all 5 minutes to explain about his/her book.
 a.  You must not criticize or find fault with others. You should ask a question in order to make a judgment on the book you want to read most.
 b.  All participants should enjoy the Bibliobattle together .
 a.  A presenter cannot vote for his/her own book .
 b.  The “Champion Book” must be determined by a democratic vote by the all participants including presenters and audience. 
     That must not be determined by a small number of people in power, such as a teacher, a chairman or a judge.

Please upload presentations on your Bibliobattle to the web if it's possible.
If you uploaded the recorded video of  each talk to the web such as “Ustream” or “YouTube”, you can share your feelings all over the world!