Bibliobattle is a social book review game which was developed in the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University in Japan.
You (presenter)  can bring your favorite book to the event.
You can talk about the book to the audience for 5 minutes as a Bibliobattler :-).
The most popular book will be elected as the "Champion Book of the Day" by the audience and presenters.

This cultural & social activity is now booming in Japan.
Now, the boom is spreading all over the world!!


First of all, please LEARN the rules of Bibliobattle !!

  • Bibliobattle was held on Korean TV show! Bibliobattle was held on Korean TV show!You can watch this game on Bibliobattle Official Channel(YouTube).2018.8.6
    Posted 23 Oct 2018, 07:55 by Namiko Mitoma
  • Bibliobattle in New York Kinokuniya New York Kinokuniya is hosting three bibliobattle events in February, March and April!https://usa.kinokuniya.com/blog-bibliobattle/Email nyinfo@kinokuniya.com to register your battle book*Ple ...
    Posted 18 Jan 2018, 23:03 by Namiko Mitoma
  • Bibliobattle will be held at Kinokuniya New York, again! Bibliobattle will be held on Saturday, Octboer 29 from 3pm at Kinokuniya New York.Won't you participate in this game?Please check the following site for more information.https ...
    Posted 14 Oct 2016, 07:34 by Namiko Mitoma
  • Bibliobattle in New York Bibliobattle News!The first ever Bibliobattle at Kinokuniya New York was held on Saturday, July 23.Five battlers presented passionately their favorite books, making it a fun game.As Bibliobattle ...
    Posted 7 Sept 2016, 01:20 by Tadahiro Taniguchi
  • The site of Dr.Mark Sloan Dr. Mark Sloan (an author of "Birth Day" translated into Japanese as "Baby Science") has introduced Bibliobattle at his site!http://marksloanmd.wordpress.com/ "Birth Day" finished third in the ...
    Posted 10 Apr 2012, 05:32 by Yumiko KAIGAWA
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How can we play "bibliobattle"?