Committee of Bibliobattle

Committee of Bibliobattle is a voluntary organization aiming to make bibliobattle popular sports.

We works for spreading this enjoyable social book reviewing game “Bibliobattle” all over the world.

Don't hesitate to ask anything to us.


info [AT]

* Please replace [AT] with @.

Officer (with twitter id)

[Chairman, Secretary-general] Dr.Tadahiro Taniguchi (Ritsumeikan Univ.) [@tanichu]

[Vice chair] Takehito Nakatsu [@olieviviee]

[Director] Koshi Yokoyama [@Akitsugu_2010 ]

[DIrector] Dr.Hidetsugu Suto (Muroran Institute of Technology)[@gentoojpn]

Committee member 123 persons (Feb. 2013) belongs to the following university or organization;

Kyoto Univ.,Osaka Univ., Nagoya City Univ.,Ritsumeikan Univ.,Yokohama National Univ., Muroran Institute of Technology, Tokyo Univ.,Tokyo Denki Univ., Sophia Univ., Wako Univ., Nihon Univ., Hokkaido Univ. of Education, etc.


Join the committee of Bibliobattle!!


We'd like you to join us and to enjoy making bibliobattle more popular.

If you are interested in the committee.

Please contact us!

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Please answer the following 5 questions.

Q1. Introducing your favorite book for ( ) one by one and talk over the presented book for about 3 minutes by all participants after each presentation.

(A) 1 minute

(B) 5 minutes

(C) 10 minutes

(D) 1 hour

Q2. After all presentation, the best book is elected by ( ).

(A) Vote by all participants or decision by majority

(B) At own discretion of a teacher or a chairman

(C) Vote by a small number of judge

(D) Rock, Paper, Scissors

Q3. At presentation, is it recommended or not recommended to use “Power Point” or read a resume?

(A) recommended

(B) not recommended

Q4. How attitude should the participant listen to a presentation?

(A) The critical attitude which criticizes a presenter.

(B) The attitude to listen intently to a presentation and make a pleasant place.

Q5. What are the mission and role of a member Committee of Bibliobattle?

(A) You try to hold Bibliobattle actively or work in order to spread.

(B) Since the name of a member of Committee of Bibliobattle does not care and it does not have a mission in particular, you should only do observation. .

I agree with the agreement of Committee of Bibliobattle.

(A) Yes

(B) No