(29th, May, 2011) Bibliobattle Festa in English "Broadening Horizons"

投稿日: Mar 04, 2012 2:7:9 PM

In Super Networking Party 2011 held in Kyoto University, Bibliobattle Festa in English "Broadening Horizons" was organized.

Usually, Japanese participants introduce their favorite books in Japanese.

But, the party's general theme was "BOKURA-NO SEKAI SHINSYUTSU" that means "Our global expansion" !!

So, they tried to play bibliobattle in English.

Foreign students also joined the game, and very interesting and exciting cross-cultural communication was observed.

Bibliobattle Festa 2011 in English "Broadening Horizons"


1st presenter: Furusho

2nd presenter: Hattori

3rd presenter: Okamoto

4th presenter: Angelica

"Champion Book of the Day" was the book Hattori introduced!


Bibliobattle in English at Super-Networking Party